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The New Employee Meeting Was Held by Wylton (Tongren)

In July, 18 graduates from Guizhou University and Guizhou Polytechnic College joined Wylton (Tongren). For one thing, they became a strong guarantee of talents reserve. For another, they brought lots of vitality to the company. To help new comers to learn the company and get into good working condition as soon as possible, as well as enhance the sense of belongingness, at 14:00 on August 1, the new employee meeting was held at the conference room on the first floor in the administration building. Totally 44 participants attended this meeting, leaded by Admin Director Mr. Zhou Mingzhong, Deputy General Manager Mrs. Liu Fengxian, Deputy General Manager Mrs. Liang Ping and Production Director Mr. Huang Xiaowen.

The meeting was presided by Admin Director Mr. Zhou.

New employees made speeches one by one and gave valuable suggestions to the company. Interns recruited in 2013 gave a general introduction about the harvest and feelings for this year, and then put forward some opinions and suggestions of company management and system. Interns recruited in 2014 described their understanding and experience of company. Admin Director Mr. Zhou, Deputy General Manager Mrs. Liu, Deputy General Manager Mrs. Liang and Production Director Mr. Huang took each speech seriously and carried out one-to-one communication model with speakers to point out the work requirement and development direction. Some problems and suggestions which might be existing in future work also needed to be discussed.

This meeting not only provided every joiner a better understanding of the companys situation, but also let them know that as long as they try their best through efforts the company could be bigger and stronger. On the other hand, the company expects them to touch the operational position, learn more and try more, give advices for company development, and gradually become a hard core of the company.   

Through this meeting, owing to a good atmosphere, staffs sense of belonging has been enhanced, and the relationship between staff and leadership has been tightened. It is believed that all employees will put more enthusiasm into future work to lay a solid foundation for the development of the company.

After the meeting, a big dinner was arranged at the company canteen, by Chef Mr. Huang Xiaowen and Mrs. Tao Chonghou. The harmonious environment fully embodied that Wylton (Tongren) is a big family.


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