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Wylton (Tongren) Held Public Welfare Activities Hand in Hand with “Easy Public Welfare”

On November 20, 2014, a public welfare activity was held by Wylton (Tongren), led by Mr. Xiang Jun Vice Director of Wylton Group Phosphorus Division and Mr. Zhou Mingzhong Administration Director of Wylton (Tongren). The team visited at Yanla Primary School in Yanla Village Daxing Town Songtao County and Star Primary School in Dabachang Town Sina County one after another, and then held donation activities to send daily goods and school things to students.


As far as we know, there are total around 170 students in these two schools and most of them are left-behind children. Hence, cooperating with Easy Public Welfare, volunteers of Wylton (Tongren) prepared lots of donations for them. Every student could have a suit of clothes, a bag, a set of stationaries and a pair of shoes. After that, children were exhorted to study hard and become talented people to our society as well as our country, and then carry on the spirit of love to others.


 Easy Public Welfare is a public offering fund established in 2012 under the control of China Social Welfare Foundation. It is a combination of all public activities started by Professor Yu Jianrong, a famous scholar of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. With the concept of public welfare Share fun, share love, change our lives, this foundation leads the mini public welfare to become a kind of activities that everyone could join in and supervise with the use of open network platform. Wylton acknowledges a social commitment to the Chinese society in which it rooted and prospered. Hence, it is the prologue of Wyltons social activity in Tongren area.


Joint hands with Easy Public Welfare, Wylton (Tongren)s donation activities will last for four stops, including another two stops in Yanhe County, and totally donates 666 bags of clothes, around 600 sets of shoes and bags.

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